Vision + Branding


HAWAII's MARKETING AGENCY FOR sustainable  companies

Artistic storytelling and strategic environmental marketing is our specialty.

Brands that want to infuse sustainability into their vision  are our forte.



The first step towards a successful business is a plan, which includes market research and goal setting. Before we can tackle the creative aspects of marketing, we need to understand your business and your customer base. Share your business plan or let us help you create one!


At our core, we are a sustainable business- we care about helping the planet and creating conscious consumers- and we will do our hardest to decrease your environmental impact every step of the way!


We recognize a need for consulting during all phases of the business process. We offer monthly consulting services to help you brainstorm and make decisions for your sustainable business.


We can assist in alternative packaging, shipping, tags + labels, materials, energy usage, and more. We also help our clients to have a more positive impact on their local communities and get involved with environmental advocacy if they desire!

Vision creation



Protea Zero Waste Store

Hawaii's First Zero Waste Store, located on Oahu



DC. based water filtration brand with a pay it forward mission



Organic, plant based skin care and spa  from  Oahu

1) Did you choose your career path because it's something you are passionate about?

2) Do you believe you can have a sustainable company that is also profitable?

3) Do you want to be labeled as an environmental business?

4) Are you looking to work with a team that is not only creative, strategic, and forward thinking, but that also shares your environmental values and is also a sustainable business?

5) Are you slightly overwhelmed with all that goes into starting, running, and growing a business and looking to find a team that you can trust to have your back and execute your vision?



Headquartered in Honolulu, Hawaii

Lead by women.

Remote independent contractors.