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Helping environmental Businesses Put the planet first

If our planet is not healthy, our people cannot be healthy.

Therefore we must prioritize that which gives us life - our air, our water, our land.
We help our clients to communicate and spread the message of environmental responsibility.

We work to create more conscious consumers.

Why we must make businesses sustainable

It's hard for anyone to debate the negative impact humans are causing across the globe through their consumption patterns and general lifestyle behaviors.


Sustainable behavior is not common sense to most, and therefore must be taught and re-enforced in schools, through media, by word of mouth, etc.


It's no surprise that the average business, regardless of size, views ROI and margins as the top priority, and the impact on the planet typically takes a back seat. Not until states and counties pass progressive legislation mandating changes in business practices, do businesses begin to change out of necessity.


But it does not have to be this way, and in some cases, IS not this way.


There ARE the businesses that know better and do better. There ARE customers that know better, care more, and shop smarter.  

PlanIt began with the dream of helping these businesses who shared their vision, but we also realized, that in order to make a major impact, we must provide environmental consulting services and marketing strategies to large scale businesses, both public and private. 

Our goal is to make a difference. And we are committed to that goal.

Through our non-profit and policy work, we have seen first hand the struggles companies go through to achieve their sustainable goals and spread their message to the masses. We have seen a lack of insight into what’s possible in terms of simple business changes that yield large results, We have seen ways to save money and reallocate that funding towards business methods that have less of a harmful impact

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