Our sustainable marketing agency does so much more than "social media."


It’s crazy to think about the relevance and necessity of a social media strategy and the execution of that strategy. It was not that long ago that shopping from your computer became the norm and that has quickly switched to shopping on your phone and often times through alternative platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and apps, rather than ever even visiting your website!


Because you can get customers through your blog, Pinterest, Tik Tok, YouTube reviewers or even podcasts, you have to be prepared on all shopping outlets. However, you also have to understand your customer to know which platforms make sense for your business and how to message differently on each platform.

Once you figure out which platforms are most used by your target market, it’s about packaging your message in different ways to decrease the amount of work and increase the amount of hits. You can create one blog entry that is ultimately broken up and shared in different ways through multiple platforms that all work cohesively to drive traffic- and that’s the goal! We will integrate all your social accounts to give you the greatest chance of bringing in the most customers simultaneously.

However, what TRULY sets us apart is what your messages contain. For PlanIt, your messaging includes sustainable business and shopping practices and education about the industry as a whole. Because our goal  is to create conscious businesses and customers, a lot of research and time goes into our messaging so that you are creating value with each public post.

By creating a compelling messaging strategy that resonates with your target market, we can inspire sustainable behavioral change.

Our environmental marketing collective will communicate your brand's sustainable vision and mission