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Why does high quality digital media content matter?

There's a lot of competition out there and many companies are offering similar products or services at competitive prices. When the majority of shopping occurs through a cellphone and the second most popular source is a computer, the quality of visuals is the main distinguishing feature between companies.

In a digital shopping era, customer service is no longer the way to entice customers to choose your products/services over your competitors. Media is now the major form of positioning. Do you have a complicated product or a complex service? You might want to consider a how-to video or catchy commercial. Or maybe a series of photos that show all aspects of the product to avoid possible confusion. Is your company a service based industry which prides itself on customer relationships? You might want to make a video that reveals the personalities and work ethic of you and your employees.

In terms of photos, I've heard a lot of business owners say they can take their own images and I'm sorry to say, but in most cases, this just is not true. Yes, cell phones have gotten much better, but just because the phone is good, does not mean you know how to properly light your photograph, edit your photograph and set up the subject in the photograph so it looks as good as possible.

Bad photos and videos give off the impression that you are too cheap or lazy to invest in quality media, or shows that you think you are good enough at producing your own media that you don't NEED to hire someone else to do it.

Potential customers might make these wrongful assumptions-

- your product or service is also cheap

- your customer relationship management is lacking

- you'll promise something you cannot deliver

- you'll claim you can do something that you aren't qualified to do as well as others

- you take on more than you can realistically handle

The reality is, quality media content is not CRAZY expensive and is an investment that will show its return for at least a few years if not more, and it really DOES MATTER.

Not only does the quality of images for products and services matter, but any staff headshots must equally compare in quality. In the grand scheme of things its a small investment for a large return.

Quality media shows:

1. You care about your brand image

2. You want to showcase how great your product or service is

3. You want the professional nature of your media to reflect the professional nature of your business

4. You understand the importance of visuals in for digital shoppers.

Did we convince you in a media investment yet? Contact us today so we can continue convincing you why you need us :)

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