Phase 2

create your environmental brand image

1) Is the name of your business right for you? Do you have a name yet or are you still shopping around?


2) Create a unique logo and tagline that fits your brand vision and name

3) Design your website. We offer different levels of web design depending on your business needs. We focus on everything from color scheme, fonts, and ease of use, to SEO and user experience. We also create the content to go on your website or let you choose from our stock library. 

4) Packaging, patterns, animations, icons, illustrations, tag, menu, brochure, signage design. Now that you have your logo and your distribution method set up, we need to make sure you are delivering that product in an attractive, yet eco-friendly way, that will keep your customers coming back for more. We seek out innovative methods for packaging, tags, and labels and our graphic design team handles the aesthetics and logistics. 


Need another design? Let us know!

Or depending on what your business is, we might have more suggestions for you!

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