Phase 1


WHO do we provide vision consulting for?

Our consulting phase applies to ALL businesses, although the scope of the consult varies depending on the goals and needs of the client.

1) The first part of our consult allows us to get to know our client- your mission, your vision, your values, your goals, your competition, your customers.

2) The second part of the consult is specific to environmental sustainability- where are you currently at in terms of environmental practices within your building? Where are you interested to go and how can we create an affordable and achievable timeline to get you there? This can include a pricing strategy and break-even analysis. We can truly break down your costs and see where you could save and/or reallocate money.

The consulting process begins with an analysis of where you are currently at as a brand


We will also go over your business plan or at the very least your mission vision and values. Don't quite know this information yet? We will help you to figure it out! 


Who is your customer, or who do you want your customer to be? How do you sell your products, and should you be selling them in more or different ways? How should you be communicating with your customer versus how are you currently communicating with customer? What have you done successfully or failed at? What are your greatest struggles as a business?  What is your pricing model and can we decrease your costs and increase your margins?

Here is where we get to know you.


The Vision process continues with an environmental audit

1) We look at the source of your energy and how much energy you’re using and where.

2) We look at how much waste you’re producing, from your package waste to your material waste.

3) We even add in the waste generated from packing and shipping what you send to your customers, because we believe in extended producer responsibility.  Many communities do not have the infrastructure for properly handling waste, whether that is compost, trash, or recycling. The responsibility should not be on the consumer to find a way to dispose of the trash that you sent them.  Therefore we look at packaging and shipping alternatives and methods to decrease your overall carbon footprint as a company.  

4)  We take into account where you are sourcing your materials from. Are they ethically responsible? Is there a better and safer alternative for the types of products you are sourcing or treatments to the products you are purchasing?

5) We continuously seek out the newest innovations for our clients.

Let's talk about your bricks and mortar. Whether its your retail space, your storage space, or your manufacturing facility, or a combination.


Our lead certified architect is able to assess your bricks and mortar and find the different ways in which you can re-allocate your current cost in favor of more sustainable ones. Ultimately, we seek out ways to even save you money, but at the very least, to stay at that same cost and price point of your product or service.


Yes this is a lot to take in an a lot to consider

but this is what we do and this is what we love




1) OUR goal is to push off towards an environmentally sustainable path and we know that informative guidance is needed in order to achieve that goal.

2) We will figure out YOUR goals with you and create timelines to achieve them. We will assign you with tasks of what you must do versus what we must do in order for us to collaborate and be more efficient. We help you to create a brand identity and hold true to that.

3) Together we CAN change the way people do people and think about business. We CAN change the way people buy. It will take work, but passion applied to hard work yields positive results. 

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