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Let US creatively and strategically showcase your
brand through our environmental business


To create conscious consumers and
environmental businesses

Why should you work with an agency vs a variety of individuals?

1) cohesion in branding
2) teamwork
3) efficiency

Why should you choose OUR agency to help your sustainable business?

1) super low agency fees because we are all independent contractors working remotely
2) experts in our field and passionate about sustainability
3) fresh ideas and in depth knowledge of technology and trends
4) we all genuinely care about making the world a better place


Alexandra Kahn

Founder & Director

Alex brings 10+ years of media production and marketing skills designed to increase brand awareness, address brand confusion, and relaunch brand imagery.

With skills in photography, videography, and writing, Alex works with her clients from the initial step to design, execute, and finalize her media projects. Alex combines strategic marketing with artistic media and has worked with small scale and world recognized international brands.

Her process is personal and organic, learning about the client and their need, then making suggestions based upon the client's goal and her artistic vision. She is up for any challenge and is available for any stage in a business's life- from inception to finishing touches.


She is a graduate from University of Colorado, Boulder in marketing and digital media. Born and raised in Maryland, she has spent most of her adult life traveling to create content and experience different cultures- all of which translates into her communication and working styles.

Alex's passion for helping the environment and inspiring sustainability around her is present in all aspects of her life. She believes in the mission of PlanIt and simultaneously runs Kahana Foundation, in order to work alongside youth advocates.


Daniela Torres

Social Media GURU

Dani has almost a decade of experience creating digital media and writing blogs. She was the Marketing and Membership officer for her NonProfit Leadership Alliance Program in college and has always loved helping others, connecting with people.and sharing valuable information! ​

As the Account Executive for PlanIt, Dani does the other half of the behind the scenes work for the company. You’ll usually find her chatting it up and connecting with our clients, writing content, and running the social media accounts.


"I love what I do because I believe that building relationships with others is the best way to cultivate a truly impactful eco-conscious future. Interpersonal connections are so important, especially as we move into a more technological world. I'm an avid lover of life and a huge environmentalist. My mission has always been to serve my community as best as I can. I believe that we have the power and the tools to create a better world for future generations through practicing more sustainable habits."




Lowell Burton is a UX designer and front-end web developer. She works closely with clients to understand their business goals and unique pain points in order to create custom websites that will improve brand awareness and generate leads. 


Lowell has more than a decade of experience in SEO, email marketing, and analytics, allowing her to bring a data-driven approach to website development, but ultimately her passion for user experience (UX) is what guides her website consulting and design strategy. As a Shopify Partner, her speciality is building beautiful and effective e-commerce sites that are easy for clients to manage and maintain, but she also develops websites in static HTML format or in popular content management systems like Wordpress. 


Lowell works closely with the branding and marketing experts at PlanIt to create a cohesive online presence for brands, and even offers additional training options for companies that prefer to self-manage their websites. Please feel free to reach out to find the best website solution for your business.


Cheyenne Tilford

Social Media GURU

Cheyenne believes building a strong brand identity and presence on social media is crucial to cultivating growth. Cheyenne specializes in helping start-up companies find their voice on social media platforms and loves helping companies re-brand themselves to better fit their mission. She is passionate about helping companies reduce their environmental footprint.


She loves all things adventure, active, outside, and animals of all kind. Cheyenne received her Bachelor’s of advertising from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas. She has minors in fashion media and entrepreneurship. Cheyenne is currently a second grade teacher and received her Master’s of education from Chaminade University. Cheyenne is also a yoga instructor. She loves hiking, exploring new beaches, traveling, and believes in protecting the natural beauty of the world. 


Siena Baldi

Graphic Designer, Illustrator, Animator

Siena Baldi cares deeply about the planet’s health and inspiring others to give a hoot. Her surreal artwork invites curiosity through humor, education, and optimism guided by nature’s endless beauty. 


Graduating from Washington University in St Louis with a double major in Printmaking and Environmental Studies, Siena has always blended her passions together. A guiding principle for Siena comes from the quote by Toni Cade Bambara: "The role of the artist is to make the revolution irresistible."


Siena is a surface pattern designer, animator, illustrator, designer, and muralist. Her clients include Lowe's, Kaka'ako Kasuals, Mālama Mushrooms, and Eating with the Ecosystem. Siena's range of skills makes her a time-saving wizard who creates dynamic, cohesive packages. By understanding the "why" of your business, Siena extracts core elements to build a breathtaking visual representation of your brand.


"The role of the artist is to make the revolution irresistible." —Toni Cade Bambara

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